Photo by Djan MacAlister

The Weather Forecast for Photographers

GoodLight.One is the first weather forecast app for outdoor photographers,

Based on quality meteorological and precise astronomical data, GoodLight.One uses AI to predict the conditions for the most popular photographic genres.

A forecast for Photographers

Instead of the typically numerical weather parameters, the app shows their effect on the conditions for photography.  See the character of the light rather than the amount of cloud cover and the position of the sun, See if your model will be comfortable, rather than looking at the temperature, humidity and wind.

Accurate and detailed weather forecasts. 

Thanks to quality weather data from DarkSky and METNorway, you have an accurate 5 day forecast at your disposal.


Get alerts when the weather conditions are ideal.

Detailed information

Instant access to a detailed forecast that shows the parameters (temperature, cloud cover, etc) that are important for photography, and of course precise timings of the gold and blue hours.

Hourly Forecast

A separate forecast for each hour.


Don’t keep the forecast to yourself! Share it with your friends.

Morning and Evening forecasts

Get morning and evening forecasts for your favorite indexes.

Photographic Genres

Forecasts for the most popular types of photography. Portrait, architecture, landscape, sunrise and sunset, macro, nightscapes, Astrophotography, The moon and moonlight landscapes

Four day overview

Scroll the graph to see a forecast of up to 4 days ahead

Siri Shortcuts

Ask Siri what the weather will be like today for photography, or connect to the Shortcuts app.

Background weather updates

Hourly background updated, to keep the watchdog, and Apple Watch updated.

Apple Watch

Complications for your watch show indexes and alerts. From Apple Watch service 4, the complication are in color.